Life after UWC

Since the first generation graduated in 2008, UWC Mostar has provided education to 995 students from 86 countries, 561 of them being international and 434 from BiH.

UWC Mostar Alumni Network

In May 2015, a group of UWC Mostar alumni started investigating ways to strengthen UWC Mostar’s alumni network. A stronger alumni network will both help alumni in their endeavours following their UWC education and will help College access the skills and recourses of its alumni.

Following consultations with College, an initial governance structure was proposed.

The Alumni Network will have two layers of governance. Firstly there will be an alumni board consisting of representatives from the alumni community and UWC Mostar. This board will provide overall direction to the College’s alumni relations strategy. The members of this board are yet to be determined. Secondly, there will be ‘Year Representatives’ from each generation. Year Representatives will be the first point of contact for alumni regarding issues related to the alumni network. They are further responsible for staying up-to-date with activities of co-years and for ensuring that College has their most recent data. Year Representatives will, together with College, take a leading role in the execution of the alumni relations strategy.

In 2017, the College appointed a Development director, who is also in charge of alumni relations.

Since then, the bodies mentioned above have accomplished the following:
- collected a database with alumni contacts
- launched an alumni giving campaign (1 Euro alumni giving campaign)
- organized UWC Mostar alumni networking events

For any inquiries about the Alumni Network, write to [email protected] or [email protected] with the subject “For Alumni Network”.

If you wish to share your great story, academic success, amazing job or volunteering experience contact the PR department ([email protected])


We are currently accepting applications for the UWC Mostar Alumni Board.

We are looking to appoint three motivated and talented individuals to join the Alumni Board from April 2018. We would like to invite you to apply to this body, so you can influence and build the alumni strategy of UWCiM. The UWC Mostar Alumni Board is an alumni led body that assists and advises UWC Mostar on alumni engagement. It has two major aims:

1) To strengthen the alumni network (alumni to alumni)
2) To strengthen the relationship between alumni and the College

The Board helps to increase alumni engagement to build a stronger support network for both the school and the alumni. The main tasks of the Alumni Board are to reach out to alumni, identify how they want to engage with the College, and contribute to the overall alumni strategy of UWC Mostar. You can find a detailed description of the role and the application process in the attached document.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to Elma Mahmutovic at [email protected] by April 20th.
Thank you for your time. We hope you apply and help us become a better connected community!

Please find guidelines for applications here. (Call for applications alumni board)