Welcome to UWC Mostar!

The warmest of welcomes to the United World College in Mostar. Founded in 2006, initially as a short-term project, UWC in Mostar is now firmly established as a College at the heart of the UWC movement. Common to all UWCs, we educate students drawn from an extraordinary breadth of background and nationality. The large majority receive fees assistance and a special emphasis is placed on finding scholars from Bosnia and Herzegovina itself as well as our neighbours and other post-conflict communities. Celebration of diversity and the promotion of intercultural and international understanding is at the core of our mission, with the goal to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. 

UWC in Mostar was the first UWC set up with the explicit aim to assist in the reconstruction of a post-conflict society. The city itself still bears many marks of the conflict of the 1990s; as well as these visible scars many of the people carry in their hearts their own suffering and that of their family and friends. At UWC in Mostar the students actively reach out to all communities to assist in the healing process, build bridges and work towards a brighter future. We support a number of local initiatives that work across the city’s communities, visit and assist at the local refugee camp and in a range of other projects we take our efforts further afield. We empower students to develop their own ideas as well as maintaining the core activities that are now so well established.  

In all UWCs we believe we are educating the leaders of tomorrow, who will take our shared values and vision as their inspiration to transform the world. Come and join us on this journey, as student, teacher or donor.  

Mark Feltham

UWC Mostar Headteacher


“In many aspects, the action of UWC in Mostar is the apotheosis of the UWC vision and purpose” 

Penta accreditation report 2018