The IB

Group 3: Individuals and societies

In Group 3, we offer the following subjects:

  • Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Environmental Systems and Societies (transdisciplinary with Group 4)
  • Global Politics
  • History

Select quotations...

History:  “History at UWC Mostar examines primarily the 20th century, working to develop an understanding in students of the diverse political, economic, social, and cultural forces that have shaped the world today.” — Andrew Mahlstedt, History teacher at UWC Mostar since 2013

Social and Cultural Anthropology: “What is it? How can it be everything?" — Lunga Dlamini, Anthropology teacher at UWC Mostar since 2014

Economics: “Why study economics? Make a list of decisions you had to make today. Many, if not all, will have economic dimension.” — Damir Jović, Economics teacher at UWC Mostar since 2015

Environmental Systems and Societies: “What makes me excited about ESS is that I have students from such diverse backgrounds in one class, talking about environmental issues they have had to live with back home. This is when global concerns become real." — Rita Fuchs, Biology and ESS teacher at UWC Mostar since 2015

For more complete descriptions, please see the IB Subject briefs on the IBO website here.