1.2 Testing

5 August 2020, Emil Spago

Before Arrival

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina border patrol website is regularly updated regarding the COVID-19 testing requirements and information is available in English http://www.granpol.gov.ba/?lang=en
  • Citizens and residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as citizens of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro are allowed to enter with no testing requirements at the moment. This may change depending on the situation at the time.
  • All EU and Schengen citizens, residents and holders of multiple entry Schengen visa are allowed to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina with a medical certificate with a negative Coronavirus (COVID-19) test result issued at most 48 hours before departure.
  • Test results should be in hard copy and kept at reach during border crossing. Soft copy backup should be kept as well.
  • RT-PCR test (from nasopharyngeal swab) is the only considered valid, at the moment.

After Arrival

  • Testing upon arrival is a safety measure to be implemented by the College.  UWC Mostar plans to test all of the students 48h after they arrive.
  • The college will also implement measures such as limiting physical interactions and regular checks to identify any early symptoms. Requirements may be subject to changes mandated by the local authority.
  • Local students will be tested upon their arrival in Mostar as well along with other students.

In Mostar

  • Students will be accommodated in separate housing facilities (the school will rent these for the period of the second half of August, beginning of September ) until the test results are issued.
  • Each student will be placed in a single room with a private bathroom (or two students per a room in case they travelled together). 
  • Students should pack a small overnight bag for this purpose. They will be able to access their luggage only when they move to their respective residences and luggage has been sanitized.
  • The temporary separate housing unit(s) will be monitored by teachers who will be the ones welcoming students, giving them support and making sure they follow the given instructions.
  • The students are expected to follow all the restrictions and requirements set by the school. No acceptance of any breaches of health regulations.
  • The food will be either provided by our caterer or the hotel used as a separate housing unit.
  • On receipt of negative reports, students will shift to respective residences. International students to arrive first and local students to arrive later.
  • Details of testing requirements for staff in the college will be communicated separately as per the situation at the time.
  • No parents, guardians, friends, relatives or visitors will be allowed into the isolation facilities and College’s premises.
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