1.5 Health

5 August 2020, Emil Spago

In order to ensure extra support and keeping the number of students to be sent to hospital minimum:

  • Infirmary to be set up in Santic 
  • Contract with a doctor to visit once a week (may be increased if required)
  • All staff and students will be regularly communicated the social distancing, lock-down etc requirements as received from the local health authorities and everyone must follow these, in the academic buildings, the residences and in the city itself.
  • Daily temperature and symptom check in all residences and academic buildings
  • All staff and students must report any illness to the nurse and isolate themselves in case of any Covid 19 like symptoms till tested negative or till relevant advice from the nurse/doctor.

Healthcare provisions

  • The Head of College and the College Nurse will continue to stay in close contact with the  local health authorities to stay abreast of evolving health protection requirements during the pandemic.
  • The Director of Student Well-being with support from the College Nurse and Doctor will offer the first line of advice to students on the coronavirus and on all physical and mental health and wellbeing practices and concerns. 
  • In addition to daily health checks, personal wellness and hygiene practices will be reviewed with students and employees and updated advice and education will continue to be available to all in the college. 
  • Mental health advice and access to counselling and other support services as required will also be facilitated.

Healthcare measures

  • Students and staff with signs of flu, respiratory symptoms or body temperature above 37.5° C will immediately notify the House Parent/Tutor or the immediate manager  or the nurse and self-isolate in their rooms, awaiting medical advice.
  • The student will then be shifted to an isolation facility if required. 
  • The respective room and common areas will be sanitised and extra checks carried out for room members too.
  • Daily health checks including temperature checks will be mandatory for all students. Daily health/symptom check for students done through a combination of an online checklist and support from House Parents 
  • Throughout the term, and for as long as is necessary, there will be ongoing education about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.
  • If a student or students show symptoms of COVID-19, supervised self-isolation facilities will be available in the city where their health will be monitored and a test for the virus will be administered. They will remain in isolation for at least 10 days from the first onset of symptoms.
  • In the case of a positive COVID-19 test:
  • Student will be moved to a quarantine facility in the city/hospital
  • The Nurse/Doctor will immediately inform the Head of College and the Director of Student Well-being
  • Local health authorities and parents/guardians will be notified
  • Contact tracing and health and safety measures in the student’s residence and in any other location deemed necessary
  • The College will work with public health authorities which will determine if any additional measures are subsequently necessary
  • Quarantine will continue until student is symptom-free and is deemed safe to re-enter the community by public health advice and the Nurse/Doctor
  • Isolation facilities will also be used for those who display any symptoms till they are symptom free and a COVID-19 negative test result is obtained.
  • Full health and academic support will be available for any student placed in isolation or quarantine
  • Enhanced mental health support will be be provided to students
  • The health team will maintain ongoing contact with the local public health authority
  • Health care staff to have access to necessary personal protective equipment

Isolation premises

  • Isolation facilities will be used to house students as soon as they arrive in Mostar.  Students will need to isolate themselves for 48 hours in these rooms till a COVID-19 test is conducted and negative results obtained. 
  • Students will have access to internet at the facility
  • Food will be delivered to the students in their rooms.
  • Students must not allow anyone in their rooms or visit anyone else in their rooms.
  • All deliveries should be accepted at the door with minimal contact
  • Online orientation and socialization programs will be in place so that the students can connect with the UWC Mostar community online.
  • Adult supervision will be available at the location and the contact will be provided to all the students at the facility. Students can get in touch with the person for any requirements and/or advice.
  • An extra facility will be readied in case of isolation requirements during the year.
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