1.5 Co-curricular

5 August 2020, Emil Spago

  • CAS Projects will be adapted to official health requirements. While we will try to keep all our service CAS projects, the way they are executed will be changed and adapted. The same rule applies for the activity CAS projects.
  • Project Week   will still take place in October. However as they will be happening in Mostar and surrounding areas there will be no lengthy travelling involved. Acceptable projects in this exceptional year are hiking, cycling, farm work (permaculture/horse farm) and Mostar Street Arts Festival projects.
  • Outdoor Program-especially at the beginning of the year we will increase the number of outdoor activities in order to contribute to the student´s health and wellbeing.
  • Any gatherings will  be organised in an appropriate room respecting the social distancing guidelines and using PPE. Whenever possible, meetings will be organised online or outside following health institute guidelines.
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