1.7 Academics

5 August 2020, Emil Spago

  • Classes will be held normally in academic buildings or online in residences following all norms laid out by local health authorities.
  • Social distancing norms to be followed in classrooms and academic buildings as per relevant instructions at the time.
  • Remote learning will be available for those who cannot travel due to circumstances out of their control. However, if the situation continues for a prolonged period of time, the College will explore the possibility of a transfer or a deferral.
  • The College is counting on having the majority (if not all) of the students and staff in Mostar. Thus, classes will take place following the regular schedule. Any students who can’t travel to Mostar and who are in time zones that don’t allow them to participate in the classes through Zoom will have access to recordings.
  • During any subsequent lock-downs or whenever it is necessary, classes will shift to online mode. Remote learning will take place in the residences.
  • TAGS