28 July 2020, Emil Spago

Due to uncertain factors, in the following academic term will the school provide remote lessons for all subjects.

Depending on the epidemiological situation, in case there is a need, the College will be able to provide a remote learning program for all of its subjects.

Do students need to bring their own laptops?

The College does not provide students with laptops and they are necessary tool throughout the IB progrm, so it is preferable if students bring their own (or tablet computers).

How and when will parents have contact/feedback from the teachers?

The College sends two reports each term (a mid-term and a end-of-term report). Comments from teachers and tutors are included in the reports at the end of each term. Tutors are the main point of contacts for all academic matters and communicate with the parents continuously throughout
the academic year.

Where can parents find an information about teachers of UWCiM?

There is basic iformation about our teachers in the College’s website. Parents also have access to MangeBac, where the name and email address of the teachers and tutor of a student can be found.

Do we have to buy the school books or are they provided?

The school provides students with digital and/or hard copies of the books necessary for the IB program. Nevertheless, students who take their first language as a self-taught subject are advised to purchase books for this program in their home countries, before coming to Mostar.
UWC Mostar only offers English, German, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian as Language A subjects.

What graphing calculator do the students generally use in lessons?

Most of the students are provided with a TI-84 plus GDC. Students who take Mathematics HL are provided with a TI N-spire GDC. However, students who own a GDC are encouraged to bring it and use it during the program.

Is there extra help for students with limited previous second language exposure?

The College has an English support system in place. Students meet an English teacher on a regular basis, either duirng a free block or in after school sessions, throughout term 1 and may continue in term 2 according to their needs.

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