28 July 2020, Emil Spago

In which date are students supposed to be in Mostar to start the program?

Year 2 students should start arriving from the 17.08. Year 1 students start arriving from the 22.08. It was planned for all of our students to arrive by 23.08., but due to the anticipated impact of COVID-19 on travel restrictions we intend to keep our arrival times more flexible

I’m planning to travel with my child before the program starts. Can I leave their luggage at your facilities a few days before the program starts?

There is a storage space that could be used for storing luggage.

Because the parents won’t travel with the kids, who is going to pick them in the closest airport? Are we going to have a Whats App communication with this person?

College will organise pick up from the airports. Admissions Coordinator will be sending transportation details and will be available as a contact person.

Will you be meeting the students at the airport and if so, which airport? Would for
example an airport in nearby Split, Croatia work?

Same as answer above. Spit airport is one of the airports closest to Mostar and pickup of students is commonly organized.

I would like to ask a question about visa from USA?

US citizens do not need visa to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Do UK citizens need a visa?

UK citizens do not need visa to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If we have a visa free entry for 90 days (New Zealand). Is there a special visa category
for students to allow longer stays?

New Zealand citizens do not need visa to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina. Students need to get one year residence permit and that process is regulated during 90 days of allowed stay.

What is the best airport to fly into to?

Sarajevo (BiH) and Split (Croatia) are preferred options. Alternatively Tuzla (BiH), Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Podgorica (Montenegro) are fairly close to Mostar too.

What if there are no flights provided in my country?

There should be some connection flights available via major airport hubs (Istanbul, Doha, Dubai, Frankfurt, Vienna). Those are usually well connected with the airport’s in Mostar’s vicinity (Sarajevo, Split, Dubrovnik)

Is it possible to have an address in UWC Mostar so we can use it in the future to send items there before or after the arrival of the students?

Most items can be sent to the College address: Španski trg 1, 88000, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Is there WiFi for the kids in the dorms and class?

All dorms and academic buildings have access to WiFi (free of charge).

Regarding that college does not have its own campus, where the students can get a medical help?

Medical services are provided at the health institutions (local hospitals) which are part of the College’s health insurance contract.

How is the feeding process organized in breakfast/lunch/dinner time? Where do the
students have their meals?

Breakfast and dinner are served in the residences. During the working days lunch is served in the College canteen. On weekends and holidays all meals are served in the residences.

About the telecommunications, I guess the kids should have a “local” phone number/SIM. Because they are under 18 years old, are they allowed to buy/get at least the SIM Card?

It is recommended that the students get a local SIM card (approx 5 Euros) – also available at the airport.
They can be purchased regardless of the age.

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