1.1 Arrival

5 August 2020, Emil Spago

UWC Mostar encourages students to arrive as per the decided calendar dates and according to the travel permissions in home countries. As students arrive, we will be able to host them in an isolation facility where they will be required to stay in quarantine for 48 hours and then be tested for COVID 19. 

Who is allowed to enter at the moment?

  • As per the information at this time, citizens and residents (including residence permit holders like our second year students and returning international staff) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as citizens of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro are allowed to enter with no restrictions. 
  • All EU and Schengen citizens, residents and holders of multiple entry Schengen visas are allowed to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina with a medical certificate with a negative Coronavirus (COVID-19) test result issued at most 48 hours before departure.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina border patrol website is regularly updated and information is available in English  http://www.granpol.gov.ba/?lang=en

When can you arrive?

  • The arrival dates are:
  • Staff – As per calendar, 15th August onwards (10th August for LT)
  • 2nd year international students – 17th August onwards
  • 2nd year local students – 20th August onwards
  • 1st year international students –  students – 22nd August onwards
  • 1st year local students – TBD (will be after 22nd August)
  • All students, whether they will be arriving in time or delayed, must inform the College about arrival dates as soon as possible so that pick-ups can be arranged.
  • Delayed arrivals will be supported based on the travel restrictions in home countries and BiH.

What is the arrival procedure?

  • Unless arriving with a car, it is preferable that students travel alone.
  • Transport to Mostar will be provided from Sarajevo, Mostar and Tuzla international airports in BiH, as well as Dubrovnik  and Split international airports in Croatia.
  • Students and staff arriving on the same flight can interact but should use social distancing norms, masks  and sanitisers. 
  • Students and staff arriving on different flights should not interact with each other and keep further distance from each other. They  should use social distancing norms, masks  and sanitisers.
  • Students and staff must report any symptoms immediately (fever, dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, head cold e.g. runny nose or sneezing, loss of sense of smell ). The school nurse will be available by phone (+387 63 288 741) or by email (). Upon evaluation of each case, the nurse will explain any further procedures. 
  • At the corresponding arrival terminal, there will be a person holding a UWC Mostar Placard who will guide you to the bus/van. 
  • Before boarding the vehicle, the luggage will be sanitized by the transport company.
  • There will be waiting time at the airports, since people will be arriving in different flights. Please be patient.
  • Please make sure that you get an entrance stamp at the border and/or airport when you enter BiH. In case your passport is not stamped by a border patrol officer, ask the driver of your vehicle to help you present the passport again. The entry stamp into BiH is essential in order to apply for the residence permit. 
  • Once in Mostar, students will be taken to the temporary isolation facilities to avoid use of public transport.
  • All vehicles will be disinfected after each ride
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