Choosing Subjects

28 July 2020, Emil Spago

Will there be individual session for advising each newcomer student to choose subjects from the 6 categories according to their plans for studying?

Students can and should discuss their subject choices with their tutors as soon as they are allocated. They can also find information about the IB program and subjects on the IBO website and they may address individual questions to the Deputy Head.

How quickly from our arriving time will we have to decide our subjects for the IB?

Students should complete a preliminary selection of subjects before they come to Mostar. One in Mostar, they have to finalize and confirm their selection of subjects in the first three days of the induction week. Once classes start, there is a period where subject changes are allowed, according to the procedure that is communicated in due time.

Do students choose school subjects and what is the procedure?

Students have to choose 1 subject from each of the 6 subject groups prescribed by the IB program. 3 subjects must be selected at the Higher Level and the other three at the Standard level; no other combination of subject levels is allowed in UWC Mostar. A subject selection form with instructions is sent to all students and must be completed as soon as possible.

Is Further Maths still an option or is it no longer an IB subject?

The curriculum for all Math courses has changed last year and Further Mathematics has been
removed from the subject options.

Could we have the name of the official IB Mathematics book so that we could already try to find the right level?

We use a combination of books for the Math courses, but the ones we use more frequently for practicing are those published by Oxford University Press. We use three for the books: “Oxford IB Diploma Programme: IB Mathematics: analysis and approaches, Higher Level”, “Oxford IB Diploma Programme: IB Mathematics: analysis and approaches, Standard Level” and “Oxford IB Diploma Programme: IB Mathematics: applications and interpretation, Standard Level”

Will there be any source for getting prepared for the placement test for English and Maths?

The College will send information and basic material for students to get familiarized with the terminology and the prior knowledge required for the Math courses.

If there are language literature courses is it possible to know the books in advance so students can start reading now?

The College offers the English Language and Literature course. The list of books is communicated at the start of the academic year in September.

Will French be available in the curriculum /IF there’s enough demand, would it be possible to add French again as a language B?/ If French B offered in the IB?

French language will not be offered by the College independent of the demand for the subject.
However, French A literature can be taken as a School Supported Self Taught course.

I saw on the official website that as language B you can also take Spanish. Will there be a level test also for Spanish?

There is no official placement test to join Spanish B. The subject teacher assesses the level of the students during the course to check their suitability for the level.

I want to ask about the language selection – how is it going and what are the requirements or the what is it based on to select if it is language A or B?

The College offers English, German, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian as Language A subjects.
There is a placement test for English Language to ensure that students will not face major difficulties in the “Literature” or “Language and Literature” courses. Based on the results of the placement test, students are allowed to select one of the English A courses, otherwise they are placed in English B. There are other instances during the first term when students will be
assessed again to switch levels from B to A.

Is mother tongue mandatory as language A for local students?

It is not compulsory to take one’s mother tongue as a language A. If the placement test is satisfactory, a student can take English A. Otherwise, if their level is appropriate, students may also try one of the other Language A courses offered by the College.

How does it work with doing a self-taught language?/Can you explain more about the self taught section?

Other A languages that are not offered (taught by a teacher of the language) by the College fall under the category of School Suported Self Taught (SSST) languages. Students who take their mother tongue as SSST language will meet the SSST teacher on a regular basis. During the SSST lessons, they will discuss the general and specific requirements and skills for the course,
including a list of books that each student will be reading. The teacher will follow up on the progress of each individual in the class and will make sure that the IB assessment components are completed in time. The teacher will also provide guidance on how to conduct the oral assessment. Since the teacher is not expected to be proficient on any particular language of the
SSST course, they will not be able to provide specific language related support.

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