28 July 2020, Emil Spago

Is the Project Week still happening this year?

Project Week is happening but the format will be change in accordance with the circumstances. Instead of projects in BiH and the region, projects this upcoming school year will be taking place in Mostar and its immediate vicinity.

Is there a piano available for the students and if yes, how is its use regulated?

The music room is currently situated in one of the residences – Musala residence. All students who wish to play an instrument have access to the music room. However the location and terms of usage might be changed during the upcoming year. There is a piano among other instruments, but we are looking into acquiring a new one.

Is the FIRST Robotics Project still ongoing? If not, can we restart it?

No, we have not participated in the First competition for the last three years, however robotics still exist and if the group of respective students is enthusiastic and serious enough it can be restarted.

How does Project Week work?

Project Weeks happen once every school year , usually in October) and are a unique experience that allows students to travel around the region and take UWC learning out of the classroom and into the real world. The possibilities of Project Weeks are endless — ranging from direct action, like building houses, to street art in Sarajevo, or extreme hiking. There is always at least one faculty supervisor for each Project Week, who is the legal and responsible adult. However this year all the projects will take place in Mostar and its immediate vicinity in order to keep the travelling to a minimum. Majority of the projects this year are planned as part of the Mostar Street Art festival and should allow students to experience the intervention in the city space.

How does cycling work? Are bikes rented or bought for the CAS? Are you allowed to cycle outside of CAS? Are there restrictions as to how far you can cycle?

There is a certain number of bicycles owned by the College students that are used as part of the CAS program and can be borrrowed in coordination with the biking CAS leaders and supervisor for day trips.
CAS group often organizes cycling trips open to all community members. Those usually take place around Mostar. During the Project Week cycling trips around the southern region of Herzegovina are organized.

How much support is the school able to offer to students that want to start their own CAS?

If a students want to start a new CAS, the first step is to talk to the Co-Curricular Coordinator, fill out the CAS planning form and gather people that are interested in joining the activity. Once there are committed members and approval from the Co-Curricular Coordinator, the activity will become a Club – and if it works out for a whole term, it is transformed into a CAS Project. When starting a Club, it is important to ensure that the activity can sustain itself, fulfills the CAS guidelines, and takes place consistently. Student activities (clubs, events, CAS projects) are all supported by the school logistically and financially within a reasonable framework.

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