5 August 2020, Emil Spago

First Year – Visa – If citizens of a country are allowed to enter BiH for 30 days, can they come to Mostar or should they get a student visa ?

For all visa regime countries, it is always better to apply for a D Visa in the home country itself. However, this will be country specific and the students and parents should get in touch with the college.

First Year – Parental Consent Form (4a and 4b) – Notarizing of the parental consent form – How to do this? Is an Apostle stamp required? Do all the pages of the form need to be stamped? Where should the stamp be?

Notarization of the Parental consent form can to be done by any competent authority in the country (court, public notary office). Parental consent form is usually notarized as a whole (as one document)

First Year – Parental Consent Form (4a and 4b) – Are the two consent forms 4a and 4b sufficient or is there another consent for needed for traveling or crossing borders?

No other consent form is required

First Year – Non Criminal Record – Non criminal record validity

The non-criminal record should not be older than three months from the date of submitting the residence permit application

First Year – Non Criminal Record- Non criminal record of minors where the country does not legally provide this

In these situations, the student has to have an official document from their home country, stating that by the law, the country is not issuing non criminal record to minors. That would suffice the Aliens office for applying for resident permit approval

First Year – Is the non-criminal record acceptable in the language of the country where it is issued or is it required in English?

The non-criminal record can be in any language, since all criminal records have to be translated to one of the official languages in Bosnia. we usually send the documents to translation agency

First Year – Non criminal record – should it be from country of residence or the country of which the passport is held?

The non-criminal record must necessarily be from the country of the passport that will be used to enter BiH. In addition, if the student resides in a different country, they should also get a non criminal record from the country of residence.

All – Passport renewed by an extension sticker that renews the passport for a two years period instead of the usual five-year duration. In one case this would last until August 2022, Does the college have any concern with this way of passport renewal?

A passport renewed by a government official is valid and when comes to a resident permit approval, this student will have no problems this upcoming academic year, but for the next one, the passport has to renewed again or issued

First Year – Medical Form – If it is not possible to get all the required medical tests (non-COVID) done in the home country due to the pandemic and/or other reasons, can this be done in Mostar?

This can be looked into on a case by case basis. Please forward all details to the Admissions Coordinator

First Year – Medical Form – If the student does not have the vaccination record with exact dates. Can they just tick the form with vaccinations done?

Yes, this is possible as long as the form is signed by a doctor.

First Year – Medical Form – Does the medical form need just the signature of the doctor or also a stamp?

Doctor’s signature, name, address, tel., fax and e-mail are required. Stamp is not a must.

First Year – Medical Form – Could the college share a recent acceptance letter?

There should be no need for this as the letter shared earlier is valid. However, if there is a special requirement, do get in touch with us and we will do the needful for sure.

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