Fee Payments

5 August 2020, Emil Spago

First Year – Do students who are residents of countries still not allowed into BiH need to complete payment by 1st August as things are still not clear?

Unless a transfer option is being explored, all students must complete the payment by the 1st of August. If a transfer is being discussed or if a family is considering giving up the placement at the College, they should contact the admissions coordinator.

All – Will there be a discount in tuition fee for students who are currently unable to be at UWC Mostar? Since there are not expense of food or accommodation?

The fee will be adjusted accordingly if the situation develops in
the way that students cannot start classes regularly in August. If,
due to COVID-19 pandemic, students have online classes during
the first term or are unable to join the College at all, we will:

  • Make full refund to those who are not able to join the
    school and paid the fee in advance and who do not attend the
    on-line classes, ie who decide not to join UWC Mostar at all.
  • Offer reduction in the case that students have on-line
    classes for the first months (up until the end of the first term). The
    reduction will reflect savings on catering and some school
    projects. The reduction in the range between 5-10% of the full
    fee will be specified towards the end of the first term.
    Unfortunately we are not able to offer a larger discount as our
    largest costs are salaries and rental of accommodation. We will
    continue to pay our staff as they will be teaching remotely and we
    will need to put the accommodation contracts in place to ensure
    that the student residences are ready when the students plan to
    arrive in August. If we are able to negotiate any rent reduction as
    a result of fewer students, we can pass this on as a cost saving,
    but this cannot be guaranteed at this point.
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