28 July 2020, Emil Spago

In case of an emergency, how can parents reach the college council?

Parents are encouraged to reach the Admissions Incharge Ivona Susac till they are informed about the. Tutor for their child. Post that, it works best to contact the Tutor for all matters. For any residential matters, the email ID of the House Parents will also be shared with the parents. For emergencies, important contacts (email and phone) like that of the Head of College, The Deputy Head and the Director of Student Wellbeing will also be shared.

Where can we find some information about the college staff (teachers)?

Our website has this information and it will be updated soon for the academic year.

Can we get more details about enrollment at UWC and more information about school program. What is expected from parents in supporting school program?

The information regarding the school programe has been shared with you in the Joining Papers. Support from parents is always appreciated. If you are associated with a field that is relevant to the college and the
students, and would be willing to contribute to the staff and student learning, please let us know and we will be happy to invite you when the opportunity arises to contribute in some way like a talk, workshop etc.

Please send clarification on the clothing requirements/ dress code suggestions for females so we can ensure that only appropriate clothing arrives with our student.

Mostar has a range of weather from very hot summers to very cold and windy winters. When the students just arrive, it will be quite warm and thin, lose, cotton, comfortable clothes would ideal for all. In the fall,
there will a need for thin jackets or hoodies. Mostar rains are unpredictable and umbrellas will be needed as they start. Winters may need good warm jackets, trousers, caps, gloves, boots etc. Snow is rare in Mostar, only around a couple of times a year usually but may be encountered much more just a little out of Mostar. The dress code is in line with the dress code of the other school we share the building with (and all public offices in BiH) and thus, in the school premises, the length of dresses and shorts should be at least till the knee, shoulders should be covered and mid riff should not be exposed. More details will be available in the Dress Policy in the student handbook

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