Pandemic Specific

28 July 2020, Emil Spago

What scenarios are you estimating can occur at the beginning of this academic year?

At the moment, we are planning to open as per schedule. We may need to have staggered arrivals and have a blended (in person and online combination) start.

What if one student gets infected while in Mostar? Do you have a contingency plan?

The College has considered various possible situations. On a student being diagnosed with Covid 19, we will be able to conduct testing for those in contact and provide a sparate isolation facility with care. The college will comply with all instructions from the local Public Health Authority.

Is there any protocol in case our country has not re-opened its borders by the start of the academic year?

In case student arrival is delayed, we will have a blended (in person and online combination) start, so the students—-MISSING

If there is a two week quarantine upon arrival, will you request the students to arrive two weeks early, stay two weeks later in December, or will that time be integrated with the start of school? If there are quarantine measures due to the pandemic in our country, should we plan to have our student stay in Mostar for winter break? If this is an option, what is the cost?

At the moment, there is no mandatory 2-week quarantine requirement. Arrival of the students will be organized as planned. It is anticipated that the students will have to be tested on COVID-19 prior and/or upon arrival.
Depending on the travel restrictions and epidemiological situation, students may be required to stay in Mostar during the Winter Break or join host family program. All costs should be covered.

(Since UWCiM does not have a closed campus) How to avoid or reduce to contact with the outside world and reduce probability of being infected?

We will communicate and continue to revisit clear and strict instructions with all our students and staff. We will have ealier check-ins and dicourage students from interacting with the locals as temporary measures.
We have done this with the students who have been with us through the summer and it does work. We have faith that our students will put their own and their peers wellness first and partner with us in this.

Will students be allowed to return home for the winter break?

Depending on the travel restrictions, students may be required to stay in Mostar during the Winter Break.

Are we supposed to have our children tested 48 hours prior to arrival, or whether they will be tested there, or both?

At the moment, the pre 48 hour testing is needed as a BiH government requirement but this may change and the college will keep you informed. However, testing on arrival to the college will be carried out in addition as a precaution.

How can the school solve the issue of zero normal flight is provided from China to Sarajevo due to air traffic control?

Unfortunately, this is not in our control. Online learning will be provided for those who can definitely have a delayed arrival. For those unable to join at all, deferring the joining to next year can be discussed.

If the pandemic continues, does the college consider to allow the students continue studying in nearby UWC college for the following semester?

This is not possible at present, but could be explored as an option. Such decisions are not made by the College, but have to be agreed on the level of the entire UWC organization.

In case a student has to travel alone to Sarajevo due to COVID-19 measures, would somebody from UWC Mostar be able to welcome her/him in the Airport to assist her/him to travel to Mostar?

Students will be picked up at the Sarajevo airport.

In case of another shutdown in Bosnia because of COVID-19 and the children have to stay in Mostar, do you have plans to ensure that the students continue with the academic program and also all of them can live in the residences?

In case of another lockdown, students should remain in the residences and continue with the program remotely.

Could you tell us a little bit on how the COVID-19 will affect the housing of the students?

Extra hygiene measures and regular sanitation will be taken care of. Room mates will be considered a family unit.

Could you tell us a little bit on how the COVID-19 will affect the education of the students. Will class sizes be reduced, part-time online lessons?

At the moment there are not specific government regulated requirements in terms of the number of students per class. College will follow the guidelines provided by the local public health authority.

Could you tell us a little bit on how the COVID-19 will affect the meals and catering of the students? Will they have the meals together?

Depending on the epidemiological situation, students will either be served the meals in the college canteen or have food delivered to the residences.

How is healthcare managed? Is it likely the kids have a two week quarantine period ? If they are coming from a very long distance are they able to arrive a little earlier than the given date?

Heath care is managed with the help of a full time nurse and a contract with a local hospital. At the moment, there is no official requirement for the two week quarantine period. However, students will be instructed not to interact with each other when they arrive till they are tested and the results are negative. Considering the pandemic, arrival dates will be relaxed.

What are the plans to keep social distancing when students arrive at school? I am asking because everyone will be coming from different parts of the world with different exposures to COVID-19.

Students should be tested prior or upon arrival. Once cleared out they should be able to join the college community.

Are there any extra restrictions anticipated during the classes and housing in distancing for instance due to the Corona virus?

The college will follow all directions of the local health authorities, including any social distancing requirements.

My question is whether it is plans to have regular sanitation of the dorms to avoid spread of Covid-19?

Sanitation of both, residential and academic premises will be carried out regularly.

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