Parent visits

28 July 2020, Emil Spago

Is there a welcoming day for parents in August?/Will there be kind of a parents day during the first school week?

Welcoming day for parents is organized in normal circumstances. This year it may be done online or in a blended way dependent on the epidemiological situation and travel restrictions in August.

Are parents who can’t travel at the moment welcome to visit later once their borders open?

Considering the uncertainties around the pandemic, we would advise parents to travel only when the situation is clear. In case of everything being normal, we would welcome parents visiting for short duration.

Are parents who can travel usually expected to accompany the students or is it better for them to start without parents around?

Parents are not expected to accompany the students, but they are more than welcome, in case they can travel.

Is the study break in October a good moment for parents to visit?

It usually is. This year it will entirely depend on the epidemiological situation.

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