Reassignment from and to another UWC

5 August 2020, Emil Spago

First Years – If a student has been reassigned to UWC Mostar, and has 100% scholarship, will it still cover the flight costs, residency maintenance costs and the costs of obtaining the Bosnian residency?

This will depend on the type of scholarship and will need to be dealt with on a case by case basis. These students should get in touch with Ivona Susac, the Admissions Coordinator.

All – Transfers to UWCCSC

On communication with UWC Changshu, we have confirmed the following options for our students who are not able to travel to Mostar:
Second Year Students
a) Can be transferred on individual basis taking into account
subject choices and offerings at Changshu
b) Temporary transfers are not possible as per UWCCSC
c) Students can attend classes and activities online till travel to
Mostar becomes possible
First Year Students
a) Cannot be accomodated temporarily at UWCCSC as UWC
Mostar first year students as per our information
b) First year students can join the Foundation Program at UWCCSC , while paying the required fee and simultaneously following the UWC Mostar Program on their own remotely
c) If travel to Mostar is not possible, the admission could be
deffered to next year

First Years – If a transfer to another UWC does not work out, will UWC Mostar still accept the student?

Till a formal transfer is worked out, a student is still a UWC Mostar student and we can offer a deferral for the next year.

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