28 July 2020, Emil Spago

Is there a possibility to choose the student’s dorm in advance?

Not for the first-year students.

Is there a curfew/control in the evening?

Yes, 22:30 weekdays and Sundays, 23:00 on Fridays and Saturdays for minors and midnight for 18+.

Will the new residence be ready by the time we get there?/Will the new residence be ready by the 2020 academic year?

Due to the pandemic there has been a delay in the process of furnishing and equipping the new residence (Šantić). It should be ready from the beginning of November.

Does the home / place where the kids live have a kitchen / wash machine / iron / dishes / blender / microwave / pans / etc?

Basic necessary equipment is provided in the residence kitchens and laundry room. Some students prefer to bring/buy specific pans etc that they like to use as per their needs.

When will the student receive info on their housing and how will the allocation for the
three houses take place?

The students receive the info in the beginning of August. There are criteria we follow when making the allocation plan (diversity in first and second year students, gender, countries, languages)

Is there any laundry service available for students, or they are expected to do laundry themselves?

They do it themselves. Washing and drying machines are available in all residences.

Will there be a list of things students need to bring?

Yes, this has been shared in the joining papers.

Should we regulate residence regarded issues from home or everything we need to do is already in BiH?

It should be possible to meet most of your needs to set up your child in the residence in Mostar. If you have a specific requirement that you envisage as difficult to meet, please let us know in adavnce so we can advise you.

Are students responsible for cleaning their own rooms and changing their bed sheets or is that service provided?

Students are responsible for maintaining hygiene of their own rooms on top of the regular cleaning service that is provided.

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