University Guidance

28 July 2020, Emil Spago

Is there cooperation with universities in the USA or EUROPE for admissions of students from Mostar?

The University Guidance Counselor works with the students to apply to universites of their choice, in the US, Europe and in other places in the world too. Majority partnerships at the moment are with US universities due to the availability of Davis scholarships. However, a considerable number of students do go to universities in Europe too.

What are the prospects of a UWCiM graduate?

Most of our students go to colleges and universities in the US, UK and other countries in Europe, with the majority going to the US and a smaller percentage to other parts of the world.
We have a dedicated College Counselor who supports the college application process from the beginning to the end.

In what universities do most of the graduates apply?

Many of our students apply to universities in the US, that provide very good scholarships, through the Davis UWC Scholars program.

How is the admission process supported by the College?

The college has a full time University Guidance Counselor who introduces and supports the students through the complete university application process. The teachers provide recommendations and sessions with a variety of universities and colleges are organised for the students to make informed choices. The college also helps in selecting and registering for
appropriate college admission tests.

Which factors define the size of a Davis scholarship and how is it calculated?

The Davis scholarship only applies to UWC students applying to US universities on US grounds (so, scholarship is not applicable to students applying to US universities around the world, nor UWC students who are applying to other (eg EU) universities). It is determined between Shelby
Davis Foundation and partner schools. Some universities are supported by 20, 000 USD per student per annum, and the majority of partner schools are supported by 10, 000 per student per annum. Students automatically receive this scholarship from partner institutions if they demonstrate
financial need. Therefore, students do not apply for the scholarship, but receive it directly with the financial aid package.
Partner Institutions determine additional school scholarships. In some schools, students only receive Shelby Davis scholarships, while in other schools, depending on the student financial need, schools meet the rest of the requirement.

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