Alumni Talks session marking 15th anniversary with the topic -
"15 years after - the stories of UWC Mostar pioneers"



Book - yesterday, today, tomorrow

A UWC Mostar and Gimnazija Mostar cooperation presents:
"Book - yesterday, today, tomorrow"- a panel discussion, which took place in Gimnazija Mostar/UWC Mostar Library today.
This special event marked the beginning of activities celebrating 15 years of UWC Mostar, as well as the celebration of the month of October - World Book Day and the Day of National Awareness of Librarianship.
With great presentations and even better conclusions, we heard expert opinions on books and reading in the present day, but also for the future.
Joined by live and Zoom audience it was a pleasure to welcome all book lovers and everyone interested in great discussion.
UWC Mostar and Gimnazija Mostar express gratitude to our wonderful panelists:
1. Marija Hajrović, teacher, Elementary school Bartola Kašića, Mostar
2. Tanja Čvoro, Serbian language teacher and librarian, UWC Mostar
3. Lidija Lučić, Librarian, Gimnazija Mostar
4. Edita Mulasomanović, Head of University Library "Džemal Bijedić" Mostar
5. Marija Karačić, MA, Head of the University Library in Mostar
The panel was moderated by Adla Velagić-Ćurić, PR and Communications, UWC Mostar
Special thank you for their inspirational introductory words to:
Jasminka Bratić, Chair of the College Board UWC Mostar, Chair of the School Board Gimnazija Mostar.
Sonia Rawat, Head of UWC Mostar
Ankica Čović, Head of Gimnazija Mostar
Lejla Juklo, Acting Deputy Head of Gimnazija Mostar
and Haris Idriz, Director of Advancement and Outreach, UWC Mostar.
The recording of the panel discussion will be available on our official channels.