UWC Movement

The UWC movement is about more than just our students’ time at their school, college or programme. A UWC education is transformational and the start of a lifelong journey. Most alumni apply their commitment to UWC values throughout their lives, so that the benefits to the individual of a UWC education spread to whole communities. More than 50,000 students have graduated from UWC since the first college, UWC Atlantic College was founded in 1962. UWC alumni work in a diverse range of fields – in medicine, education, international relations, non governmental organisations, business, politics, arts and the media – and they all share a determination to make a difference. 

For more, see: http://uwc.org/our_impact/alumni_profiles/default.aspx

As part of establishing a comprehensive alumni communication strategy, we are asking UWC Mostar alumni to send us their latest contact information by filling in this form.