What to do in...

Hiking in Herzegovina and in the whole Balkan region moves through rocky, low-grass hillsides and up steep ravines. Within thirty minutes of the college, one can hike around the alpine meadows of Ruište, the striking peaks of Čvrsnica or Diva Grabovica, or the rough terrain of Velika Vlajna. A few more hours takes you to the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maglić, Durmitur National Park in Montenegro, or the rolling hills of central Bosnia.

The Croatian seaside is an international tourist destination, from the UNESCO World Heritage city of Dubrovnik to the narrow streets of Split to the islands of the Adriatic. While world travelers crowd these stunning sites from May to September, UWC Mostar have access year-round, and the water stays warm enough to swim often until November.

The internationally renowned Sarajevo Jazz Festival has become an annual weekend for staff and students to travel to the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, both to experience the sites of the city itself, but also the world-class music that the festival brings. Al Di Meola, Dianne Reeves, and the Avishal Cohen Trio have all performed in the past years. https://jazzfest.ba/en/

The Mediterranean Film Festival is the oldest festival of documentary film in the region: only documentary films compete here and the largest part of the program is based on documentaries. It is characteristic for a unique atmosphere — a mixture of relaxed fun, tourism, rhythm and films from mediterranean area. The festival is the initiator of new relations within the world of culture: there is no elitism, no VIP boxes, no privileges, no tickets. It last for 6 days and usually takes place at the last week of August. Široki Brijeg, where the festival is held, is less than half an hour drive away from Mostar. http://www.mff.ba

The International Theatre Festival MESS is organised every year in October in Sarajevo. It was established in 1960s and is one of the oldest festivals in the region. The festival continued even during the years of the siege of Sarajevo. Every year it presents over fifty different productions from different sides of the world and from every continent. Mess festival offers all different kinds of theatrical experience — drama, musical theatre, comedy, tragedy, dance, etc.

All the performances are held in their original language but the translation is offered through subtitles. There is also MESS OFF, which features a concert program and exhibitions, as well as MESS Workshops, which make contributions toward the education of young theater artists from BiH and the region. http://www.mess.ba/2015/eng/