How To Give

Thank you for donating to UWC Mostar.

UWC Mostar is funded primarily through scholarships and gifts from organizations, governments, and individuals. The funds are used for regular programs and development activities of the school. In fulfilling our mission, we conduct numerous outreach projects in local community, so additional funds are used to broaden the scope of our activities. You may contribute towards any aspect of our work, and specify where your donation should be used; if not specified, your gift will be used towards any scholarship given to students by UWC Mostar.

Payment instructions

All of the donors are listed on our web site. If you want to stay anonymous, please inform us.

Online donations through PayPal

The quickest and easiest way to give smaller amounts is via PayPal. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, it only takes a few minutes to set up.


Donations by Bank transfer

If you prefer to not use PayPal or want to make donations or payments of larger amounts, you can transfer funds directly to UWC Mostar’s bank account.

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Donations by

United World College in Mostar has signed a very special contract with, which means that every successful accommodation booking made through our UWC Mostar micropage on will result in a small donation for our school! More specifically, the funds will go into the 'travel fund' for students with demonstrated financial need from conflict and post-conflict areas. If you want to make support UWC Mostar in making education a tool to unite and celebrate diversity by bringing together students from over 60 countries worldwide, book the accommodation for your next travel using this link:

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Shelby Davis IMPACT Programme

In 2015, Shelby Davis announced a generous programme to boost alumni giving across the UWC movement. Alumni, their families and friends are invited to donate through this programme.

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US Taxpayers

US taxpayers can earn a tax deduction for their gift to UWC Mostar. If you are a tax payer in the United States, please make your gift by following the link to UWC-USA’s website.

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Endowment Fund Bridge to the Future

To contribute towards our long term scholarship fund, you may donate to our Endowment Fund “Bridge to the Future.” All donations are matched, and help us work towards the possibility of enrolling all students on full scholarships.

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