Call for Alumni Board Members and Class representatives

UWC Mostar Alumni board is currently accepting applications for two types of alumni-related roles:

  1. Members of the Alumni Board (time commitment: 3-6 hours / month)
  2. Class representatives for each class year (time commitment: 0.5 - 1 hour / month)

As Alumni Board member, you will assist the college with alumni related tasks and engagement by fostering meaningful connections between the school and alumni, developing stronger intra-alumni relations and providing spaces for alumni to stay connected with each other and UWC Mostar. Time commitment: 3-6 hours per month.

Responsibilities of the Alumni Board members:

  • Improve communication between alumni and college:
    • Assist the school in setting up its alumni communication plan (incl. social media) and help gather and action alumni feedback
  • Develop and strengthen intra-alumni relations
    • Organize networking events and alumni gatherings
    • Seek and action new activities based on alumni feedback
  • Develop a space for alumni to share professional experiences and insights with current students and each other
    • Organize spaces for alumni to share professional insights/advice and establish a mentorship program
    • Create a way for alumni help current students’ in their university search process
  • Support the college’s fundraising efforts
    • Encourage fellow alumni to support school-led fundraising campaigns
    • Identify fundraising focus areas based on alumni feedback

As a Class Representative, you will help promote events and initiatives of the Alumni Board, and when better times comes, organize your class reunion. You will serve as an ambassador to help strengthen communication and connection between the college and your class year. Time commitment: 0.5 - 1 hour per month.

Responsibilities of Class Representatives:

  • Act as a liaison between your grad class and the college, striving to keep your class connected by communicating current and relevant information
  • Help us find lost alumni and maintain current alumni information (primarily email address)
  • Help us promote and encourage participation in the Endowment Fund to increase class statistics and overall alumni participation (which is an important metric when applying to grant funding!)
  • Serve as ‘the gatherer’ of class news for the alumni e-newsletter, (ex: major achievements, cool projects etc)
  • Brainstorm and implement ways for alumni to be more involved and stay connected, and act as a “sounding board” in discussions of the Alumni Board
  • Once better times come, organize and promote class reunion events (with support from the Alumni Board and the college)

Application for UWC Mostar Alumni Board & Class Representatives:  


 Contact info:

+387 36 316 146