UWC Mostar – Class Representatives


Since 2018 the Alumni Board has been working to improve alumni involvement at UWC Mostar and in 2020 finalised its engagement strategy. Part of the strategy is how we are reaching our alumni, how to increase interest in alumni involvement, and to identify what it is that alumni would like from their board. To do this, we need YOU.

Class representatives are key in helping alumni reconnect with each other and the school. We are hoping that by reaching out to your co-years and creating a network that alumni want to use, we can create a stronger relationship with UWC Mostar, and with each other.


  1.     Helping us connect with our alumni, and helping them connect with each other
  2.     Identifying a means with which to connect with our alumni, and using this to reach out to individuals e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Email, newsletters. Feedback from both   yourselves and your peers on the best method in which to reach and engage alumni is vital.
  3.     Most alumni are more interested to re-engage with their peers and to stay connected than to reconnect with UWC Mostar as an institution. Creating opportunities to help facilitate this is vital in creating a strong network.
  4.     Ideas on how to engage alumni with the network would be greatly appreciated. So far ideas are: alumni profiles on social media/newsletter, a news page with big life announcements, co-year zoom calls, opportunities to network with people in similar professions/fields, alumni talks, graduation class facebook pages/email chains, etc.
  5.     Promoting college driven initiatives to co-years
  6.     Being aware of ongoing college initiatives and events and updating your peers.
  7.     Receiving feedback from alumni on what they want from the alumni board and the UWC Mostar network (more updates on co-years, more events in certain fields, more chances to participate, reunions, calls, etc.)
  8.     Helping us keep the alumni database up to date
  9.     Once you have signed the Confidentiality agreement, you will have access to a database of alumni to help us keep it up to date, as well as a resource to connect with co-years regarding initiatives.
  10.     Encouraging co-years to keep in touch with each other and UWC Mostar
  11.     Once established as a liaison, many may reach out to you as a connecting point to UWC Mostar – being up to date on current initiatives, activities, or connecting with other board members
  12.     Feedback to alumni board
  13.     Regarding success of alumni initiatives, coyears feedback, issues class reps may identify or face



  1.     Tenure: to be decided, tentative 2 year commitment
  2.     May require approximately 1-3 hours of work/month


  1.     Create an alumni network that can serve multiple purposes including: networking opportunities for alumni, re-connecting with co-years, donating time, talent or treasure to UWC Mostar, more participation in college events, etc.
  2.     Identifying what alumni want from their board, and creating a community that alumni want to be a part of

 Call for new AB members