The IB

Group 2: Language acquisition

In Group 2, we offer the following subjects:

  • English B
  • German B
  • German ab initio
  • Spanish B
  • Spanish ab initio

Select quotations...

English B: “Studying English B is so much more than studying ESL. IB sets the syllabus requirements, assignments and deadlines but it also enables creative ways of learning with emphasis on diversity of topics, information, opinions and perspectives. One learns not only rules of the second language but principles of effective communication in speech and text. It is the subject that teaches you how to listen carefully, understand fully, discuss persuasively and write competently. And all that in a language that is not your first language.” — Ivana Pehar, English teacher at UWC Mostar since 2008.

For more complete descriptions, please see the IB Subject briefs on the IBO website here.