The IB

Group 5: Mathematics

In group 5, we offer the following subjects for last assessment May 2020:

  • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (HL & SL)


    Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations (HL & SL)

For first assessment May 2021:
  • Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL
  • Mathematics Analysis and Approaches SL
  • Mathematics Applications and Interpretation HL
  • Mathematics Applications and Interpretation SL

Select quotations...

“Mathematics is a language. I would say it’s a language that wants to claim the existence of any other language, because it has tried to formalize what a language is. It is not a science. It is not exact. It has its own contradictions and conjectures, feelings and hopes.” -- Alessandro Masi, Math teacher at UWC Mostar since 2014

"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe." -- Galileo Galilei (selected by Merisa Mujkanović, BiH, 2014-2016)

“"You can make your life happy in more than one way; you can transform the graph of a function in more than one way!" -- Comment in class by Alessandro Masi, Math teacher at UWC Mostar since 2014

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