UWC Movement

UWC depends on the dedication and expertise of a network of volunteers to find and select many of our students. These volunteer groups are called national committees and they operate in 150 countries worldwide. The national committee system is perhaps what makes the UWC movement unique in global education today.

The UWC national committee system selects more than 1000 students each year from within their countries and territories to attend UWC schools, colleges and programmes. An active network of volunteers and staff make up our national committees which organise camps, a range of activities and formal interviews to establish students’ commitment to UWC values and potential to thrive throughout the UWC experience.

In order to achieve a true diversity of students representing nations, cultures, races and religions our national committee application processes are tailored to ensure relevance to local circumstances and supported by a comprehensive scholarship programme. The scholarship programme motivates both the applicants and the national committee network – over 60% of national committee selected students accept either a full or partial scholarship towards their UWC experience.

Some national committees also run short programmes and other outreach and many also fundraise for scholarships.