Alumni Board Mission

UWC Mostar's Alumni Board is a volunteer alumni-led group that assists the college with alumni related tasks and engagement. Our main focus is to build and strengthen the UWC Mostar alumni community by fostering meaningful connections between the school and alumni, developing stronger intra-alumni relations and providing spaces for alumni to stay connected with each other and UWC Mostar. 

Alumni Board Initiatives

The current Alumni Board has been active since the summer of 2018. The board is organized in three internal committees - PR, Fundraising and Alumni Relations, to help us better act on our priorities. We have focused on (i) helping the school develop an alumni database and make sure they can reach as many of us as possible, (ii) growing our alumni fundraising records with the EUR1 Campaign, and (iii) creating spaces for alumni to get together with social events and alumni talks at the school. 

Alumni Board Members

Jasmina Hodžić (Class of ‘08)

Vera Plumer (Class of '09)
Ivor Pekarić (Class of '14)
Tanya Samiliv (Class of '16)
Bruno Stojčić (Class of '17)
Gema Benavides Jimenez (Class of '18)
Lamija Kovačević (Class of '18)
Benjamin Selimotić (Class of '20)

Alumni representative to the UWC Mostar College Board: Jerry Huang (Class of ’18)

You can contact Alumni Board via email: