Residential life

Unlike most UWCs, UWC Mostar does not have a distinct, walled-off campus — the city is our campus. Students live in three residences in different parts of Mostar. Students share rooms with one to three other UWC Mostar students of the same sex, according to the UWC standard practice. The College policy ensures that, wherever possible, students share rooms with students from different ethnicities and nationalities.

Student residences are designed to create a comfortable environment and enable sharing experiences. Sharing a room does not simply mean “living next to each other,” but “living together.” The college pays close attention to students’ adjustment to a new environment. Therefore, the residential life team is always present to support support students’ needs.


There are four residences in use at UWC Mostar:


Susac is the the oldest and biggest UWC Mostar student residence. It is located in the west part of town, and generally houses around 80 students in rooms of two, three, or four. Susac also had its own canteen, which means the food is made right there. It is about a 20-minute walk from school, which makes it the farthest residence. It has four floors, including the ground floor and the attic. The residence also has the most bathrooms per capita. Susac is the only building in Mostar with a blue roof!

Novi Susac

Novi Sušac is the UWC residence since academic 2021/2022. school year. It is located on the west part of the town and generally houses 30 students. It is about a 10-minute walk from school.


Mejdan is opened in 2014. and is the first residence owned by our school. It is settled in the east side of the city, near the famous Old Bridge. It even has a stunning beach right next to it! The 37 students have access to the beautiful terrace from which they can enjoy the view over the Old Town. Mejdan has a small community and therefore really strong relationship between the students. They often make movie nights in the common room, the largest of all the residences. Not only it is situated in the Old Town, but it is also only 10 minutes away from the school. Most of the rooms have four beds, and they are all equipped with ACs.


Located in the close vicinity of the school, the new Šantić residence opened its doors for our students in the academic year 2020/2021. In addition to student rooms, housefellow apartments, joint and study rooms, Šantić residence includes a large multimedia space and is an internationally recognized and awarded first Eco building in Mostar.