Project week

Each October, students organize and participate in weeklong projects — Project Weeks — around BiH to extend UWC learning into the real world. The possibilities of Project Weeks range from direct action, such as renovating houses, redecorating school yards and making playgrounds to hiking, biking and exploring. Be open to opportunities!

Every UWC has its own version of project weeks and these valuable experiences are part of what makes us different from many IB schools, allowing you to discover the area that surrounds you, bond with your fellow students, and experience autonomy in traveling.

Projects weeks are enjoyable and rewarding, but can also be challenging: you will find yourself in an unfamiliar context, with unfamiliar people. Food, work hours and climate may become discomforts, but we recommend you to challenge yourself and choose a project that you would benefit most from. There is not much that unifies project weeks: each one has its own unique character and strengths, and is right for a different student.

Project Weeks are organized by both students and faculty. First years start planning Project Weeks for the following year at the end of their second term so that they are ready for the start of the subsequent school year.