Unlike most other UWCs, UWC Mostar is not closed off on a isolated campus. The school is located in the city centre and shares its premises with the Mostar Gimnazija. Science classes take place in well equipped Chemistry, Biology, Physics labs, and classrooms are located on the third floor of the Gimnazija and in one additional building nearby. Our spacious, light-filled library is in the attic, also shared with the Gimnazija. The College assemblies, Global Awareness, and meetings take place in a large study room called the Spanish Room.

The Gimnazija’s indoor and outdoor sports facilities — including the gym, football/handball pitch, volleyball court, running track and long jump section — are also available to UWC Mostar students.

New classrooms and and art classes are taking place in the renovated premises of the Red Cross Building and Velić building. Located in the vicinity of the college, they provide additional teaching, study space and classrooms.

The College canteen and Visual arts studio are near the academic buildings, Theatre Arts Studio is in Pellegrino residence and Music Room is located in Velić house.