UWC Mostar has been registered as a private school under the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The legal founder of the UWC Mostar is Foundation Education in Action. UWC Mostar is governed by the College Board, which also appoints the College Head; makes the annual budget; executes any of the functions and duties normally executed by a school board; and is directly responsible to the UWC International for adherence to UWC criteria and practices including participation in UWC meetings.

In order to maintain a successful partnership, three members of the Governing Board of the Foundation Education in Action are members of the College Board.

Foundation Education in Action

The Foundation Education in Action is a non-governmental, nonpolitical and nonprofit organization registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Foundation is a successor to the UWC-IBO Initiative in BiH which established the UWC Mostar in 2006.

The Foundation's mission is to provide the next generations of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the knowledge, skills, leadership qualities and international values, necessary to overcome the ethnic divides and move their nation into the 21st century.


Elisabeth Rehn

Lamija Tanović

Chair of the Board

Pilvi Torsti

Board members

Jasminka Bratić

Ivan Lorenčič

Adriaan de Mol van Otterloo

College Board 2019 - 2023

1. Jasminka Bratić, Chair
2. Ivan Lorenčič, Deputy Chair
3. Augusta Campagne, member
4. Fleur Meijs, member
5. Mirna Doyle, member
6. Andrew Bennett, member
7. Sandra Ann Thomas, member
8. Jasmin Hodžić, member
9. Sead Filipović, member
10. Robert Hilliard, member
11. Lamija Duranović-Vinković, member
12. Darko Gligorovski, member
13. Sonia Rawat, member


Non-voting members: Head of college, Student representative.


The founders of the Foundation Education in Action are Elisabeth Rehn and Lamija Tanović.

Elisabeth Rehn was the Patron of the UWC-IBO Initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Association “Education from Conflict to Internationalism”, of which the UWC-IBO Initiative was a project. She was the United Nations Special Reporter on the situation of Human Rights in the Republic of Croatia, FRY, Bosnia and Herzegovina and FYROM (1995–1998) and the United Nations Under-Secretary General, Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1998–1999), and she possesses an extensive knowledge of the country and region.

Lamija Tanović was the Chair of the Executive Committee of the UWC-IBO Initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina and she held that position from the establishment of the Executive Committee in May 2005. Mrs Tanović is a Professor of Physics at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. She was the Head of the International Department for Education and Culture at the B&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2001-2004) and B&H Ambassador to Denmark (1994-2001).

The activities of Foundation Education in Action are managed by the Governing Board:

Pilvi Torsti is the Chair of the Foundation Education in Action. She serves as an MP on the Finnish national parliament and holds a Doctoral degree in Social Sciences and is Adjunct professor of Political History in the University of Helsinki. She has also served in Helsinki City Government 2012-2017 and Helsinki City Council since 2012. Doctor Torsti was appointed as a State Secretary for the Minister of Education (2013-2015) and as a Special Advisor to the Minister at the Ministry of Employment and Economy (2011-2013). Before serving the government she worked as a Research Director and Programme Director in post-war educational project, being also one of the founders of the United World College school in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Doctor Torsti has also worked as a journalist and authored several academic and general interest books and been honored for her work towards peace. She is a UWC graduate (AD 1995) and an Eisenhower Fellow 2013, and is married with three children.

Jasminka Bratić is the Assistant to the Minister of Justice of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (Mostar) and she enthusiastically supported the opening of the UWC in Mostar as the Chair of the School Board of Gymnasium Mostar. She has an extensive experience in the legal system of B&H and she strongly believes that education is crucial in peace-building, which is the reason for her involvement in educational initiatives.

Ivan Lorenčič is currently the Headmaster of the 2nd Gymnasium Maribor, Slovenia (IB school since 1990). He was the Director of the National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (1993-2000) and he was responsible for the curriculum development and implementation, teacher training, implementation of national external examinations and the reform of primary and secondary education. He has also been leading the Centre for the Professional Development of Teachers in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2005.

Sandra Ann Thomas was a Senior Tutor and Universities Counsellor at a large Sixth Form College in the UK before joining the United World College of the Adriatic in 1995. At UWCAd she worked as an English teacher, Head of Department and, from 1997-2009, as Vice Rettore, with responsibility for all aspects of the academic programme, pastoral care and university counselling. Her interest in teacher training led to the development of various programmes for local Italian teachers and, within UWCAd, to the introduction of a teacher appraisal scheme that was closely allied with staff development. In 2007-8, as Education Director of the EU PACE Project, she was able to build on her experience in teacher training  by bringing together, in a shared educational initiative, teachers from Banja Luca, Vukovar, the Veneto, UWC Mostar and UWCAd.
Other UWC experience included participation in UWC Selections in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Tirana. In addition, she was a member of the first UWC Audit Team, engaged in the UWC audit of Li Po Chun (Hong Kong) and subsequently in the audit of UWC Red Cross Nordic.
Sandy was a “classroom teacher” for 35 years, teaching English A and English B within the IB Diploma Programme, and English Literature at A level. She believes wholeheartedly in a broad educational programme and taught yoga, participated in many ski trips, hiking trips, kayaking trips and cultural visits, produced plays and ran a social service. She has recently retired as an IB examiner for English A (oral moderation and EEs).
As the wife of a Residence Tutor, she enjoyed fourteen years living in a residence with UWC students. (1998-2012.)

Fleur Mejis
Permanent Proxy for UWC Mostar Chair
Fleur Meijs is a Dutch national who studied in the Netherlands but moved to London to work in the City. She joined PwC where she became a partner specialised in significant and complex audit and advisory projects with financial institutions in the City. She was also a member of the Dutch Parliamentary Committee in respect of the Structure of Dutch Banks following the credit crisis.
She left PwC to become a non-executive director and also spent more time on contributing to society by getting involved in charities. [She is a non-executive director for Fidelity European Values plc, Invesco Asia Trust plc and Ruffer LLP. ]
Besides her professional career, she always had an interest in giving something back to society in different ways. She worked for Plan International in West Africa, a children’s development organisation, she was a trustee of the British Museum Friends and set up with her husband the endowment for UWC Mostar, Bridge to the Future. She is also a member of the UWC Mostar Board. She has a family with three children and lives happy with her husband who is an UWC alum in London.

Andrew Bennett
Currently retired and living in the UK with Pat, his wife, but enjoying long visits to Singapore where his sons live.  From 1981 to 2004 he worked at UWCSEA in Singapore, the final 11 years as Head of College.  During part of that period he was Chair of the UWC Heads Committee.  From 2006 to 2015 he was employed by St Joseph's Institution in Singapore, initially as the founding Principal of SJI International.

Augusta Campagne is the president of the Austrian National Committee and one of Europe’s leading specialists in historical basso continuo performance practice. Augusta Campagne is professor of harpsichord and figured bass at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna (Austria). She holds a BA (hons) in music from the University of Sussex and a harpsichord diploma from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Mirna Doyle served as the Development Director of UWC in Mostar when the college was established in 2006. She is an experienced education policy analyst, advisor, and project manager, specialising in education reform and civil society advocacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mirna has worked in this capacity for several organisations in the country, including the European Union Special Representative, the Agency for Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the Open Society Fund in BiH. She is currently living in The Netherlands.

Sead Filipović
Graduated Information Technology from Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1991.
Worked in number of different positions among other with the OHR - Office of the High Representative, ICMP - International Commission on Missing Persons, RCC Secretariat - Regional Cooperation Council Secretariat (My current post). Currently he is working as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) in RCC Secretariat.

Rob Hilliard, Australian. Worked in residential schools in the UK, India (UWC), Australia and currently work in Austria.  After completing my MPhil in Educational Research at Cambridge. Spent six years in the British Army. Beyond the classroom Rob has run large outdoor education and leadership programs and facilitated trips around the world. 
Sonia Rawat is a staff representative on the UWC Mostar board. She brings with her, sixteen years of corporate experience including leading training delivery for a Learning & Development team of a well known MNC, managing production teams, supervising quality control and delivering behavioural and leadership training. Her varied experience includes being a technical writer and editor for technology companies. She also worked on curriculum development during her research in Applied Linguistics for the state of Maharashtra in India and co-founded a library to encourage reading amongst all age groups. She eventually found her way to her passion of working with young people and teaching as a teacher of English at UWC, Mahindra in India. There she gained experience as a House-parent, a Learning Support coordinator and  a Student Advisor  among other things; and fell in love with the idea of UWC. In 2018, she joined the UWC, Mostar team as head of Group 1 and a teacher of English Literature and Language. She loves reading and writing which have led her to lead the Extended Essay and the Creative Writing CAS for the college. In her free time, she loves to host and interact with students and teachers from different places; learning about them and providing a taste of home and India.

Jasmin Hodžić

Darko Gligorovski

Lamija Duraković-Vinković