Health & Wellness

As UWC Mostar is in a large regional city, we have access to full-time, professional health and wellness care for students twenty-four hours a day. Mostar is one of the larger towns in the region, so it has a large hospital. The residential life team is always present to take students to one of the hospitals in case of emergency.

In addition to the health care accessible in the city, UWC Mostar provides a range of support for students’ health and wellness needs. The College Nurse checks on sick students in the residences every morning, providing medical care as needed, and where the case demands further treatment, takes them to a city health facility. Our Nurse, Admir Zekić, has over 20 years of experience in the medical field, including seven years working at Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The College Counselor addresses common issues faced by teenagers from around the world. Some of the common issues are: (a) Adjustment Issues, (b) Eating Disorders in both boys and girls, (c) Peer Pressure, (d) Family Pressure, (e) Relationship Issues, (f) Teacher-Student Issues, and many other student related issues, specifically those related to residential colleges. Where further professional care is deemed necessary, she may refer a student to a full time Psychologist in the city who is a UWC Mostar alumna.

FInally, the College Counselor trains and supports the Peer Support Group (PSG), which is an informal group comprised of second year students. It provides students with another approachable body of people to speak to in addition to the counselor, academic tutor, friends etc., regarding requirements for any support structure. Members of the PSG are given extensive training in basic listening and reflecting skills so as to help students cope with daily pressures.