UWC Mostar in the UWCs

Teacher Training

In partnership with the Foundation Education in Action, UWC Mostar serves as a Centre for the Professional Development of Teachers in BiH, promoting modern teaching methodology and practice. The Centre organizes professional workshops and study trips throughout the year, seeking to increase the capacity of BiH educators to become agents of change. The teachers are exposed directly to international practices and practitioners, and to key elements of modern teaching practice: objective external assessment, academic programme innovation, study methods including the writing of research essays, a strong focus on laboratory work in the natural sciences, and the teaching of other language and literature within an international, alternative school context. All these elements have certain significance for on-going educational reform in BiH.

The UWC Mostar Teacher Training Programme also represents a rare opportunity and forum for BiH teachers to come together to share and reflect on their professional lives and to promote ideas for educational reform. The creation of such networks is a good basis for advocacy in working towards sustainable educational reform.

The professional teacher workshops and study visits organized by the Foundation Education in Action and UWC Mostar have so far been attended by over 1000 teachers, head teachers, and representatives of education ministries and pedagogical institutes.


Community Programmes

Community service is a vital part of the UWC education at every UWC school and college.UWC community service projects enable young people to develop a sense of  social responsibility and become involved in the community in which they are living. UWC students are given the responsibility and courage to identify opportunities and take the lead. Community service at UWC schools and colleges goes far beyond the CAS requirements of the IB Diploma. In addition to its academic programme, UWC Mostar students take part in an extensive community and social service programme. The community service programme aims to contribute to the integration processes in Mostar focusing on working with underprivileged social groups such as Roma children, orphans, refugees and the elderly. Every year students initiate and organize a number of activities and events focused on cooperation with local community and  institutions. These include annual flea markets, fund collecting activities, humanitarian events and festivals dedicated to the local community, which at the same time contribute to the development of a post conflict society.