A day in the life

Beep. Beep. Beep. 07:00 AM Rise and shine! My alarm jolts me awake on Thursday morning. I have an hour to shake of my sleepiness and prepare for my service CAS.  I rise out of bed and stumble my way to the shower. I dress myself and make my way to the kitchen, where I put on a pot of coffee and review today’s plan for Special Needs School. 7:30 AM I sling my backpack across my shoulder and head out of the residence, I'm greeted by biting wind and bright sunshine, a typical Mostar morning in early October. I'm amazed by the beauty of my home, the city of Mostar. I stare up at the powerful cross atop one of the cities beautiful mountains, trees sway in the wind and leaves blow by as I cross Musala Bridge and briskly make my way to the school canteen.

The members of the Special Needs School CAS and I gather around a table with our pastries and coffee to discuss today’s plan, before the short walk to Mostar's Special Needs School. 10:00 AM After an invigorating session teaching English and playing games with children it's time for school to start, I enter the doors of the unmistakable bright orange Gimnazija Mostar for my first block: Biology SL. I exit the Bio Lab and head up the stairs of Gimnazija to the school assembly hall and study room, the “Spanish Room” for this week’s Balkan Studies class. 11:55 AM Time for lunch!

UWC students file out of the school and make the quick trot to the school canteen. Hungry students line up patiently and eagerly await lunch, lemme guess chicken, pasta, and potatoes? I gather with some friends and find a beautiful sunny spot outside to lunch. Woohoo! I have a free block after lunch so I decide to head to a student favorite: Jump Jump Cafe. I order a tea and finish the remainder of my Math homework due next block, then I sit back and relax, chatting and laughing with fellow students and enjoying the atmosphere. 16:00 And the school day is done! Next up, I head straight to my action CAS, football!  After an hour and a half of exciting and exhausting exercise I walk back to Musala residence just in time to catch dinner.

18:00 Dinner time! Lemme guess chicken, pasta, and potatoes? Not tonight, we dine on a Bosnian speciality Ćevapi and Pomfrit (fries). World Cinema is being held in the nearby Mejdan residence tonight, although it's not my core CAS I feel up to watching a film. We watch Goodbye Lenin! A German film about the GDR and the fall of communism. I return to Musala and finish my Spanish homework, before chilling in the common room until check-in. 23:00 Check-in time. I go to the kitchen to alert my house mom of my presence and head off to bed, one more day till the weekend which will surely bring adventures. A movie over nighter? A hike in some stunning nearby mountains? A jam session? We'll see.

—Louis Celt, Gen 2014-2016